The proper construction of a comic book protagonist, is essential to build a credible story.

Even if it is a science fiction adventure, or if the actions happen in a fantasy world, it is advisable to investigate about types of people whose race, nationality, culture, time and way of life are similar to the character we have in mind.

Designing the Main Character Demography.

Race and Place of Residence.

To design Maria Alder, I first defined her race (Hispanic), then I looked for the region of the United States with the largest population of Hispanic origin, which also suffered social problems, such as those that I will develop in the story (illegal immigration, overpopulation, racial discrimination, social marginalization, unemployment, sexist violence).

The geographical region, that coincided with what I was looking for, was Skid Row, Los Angeles, California.

During the investigation, I found a video of the dark side of Los Angeles, which turned out to be very valuable, because of its actuality, authenticity and crudity.

Age and Civil Status.

Maria is 24 years old and single, her singleness is a symbol of independence, sexual freedom and self-sufficiency. She doesn’t need any man to get ahead.

Main Character Demography.

Name: Maria Alder.
Occupation: Camgirl/Hacker.
Age: 24 years.
Race: Hispanic.
Civil status: Single.
Place of residence: Los Angeles, California.

Following steps:

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