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Hackers Conspiracy is a Cyberpunk Visual Novel about love and friendship in crazy conspiracy times. The graphic style has an 80s retro look, as a tribute to the amazing cyberculture that emerged in those years. Throughout the game, you will follow the struggles of the characters to put their lives in order, while they get involved in crazy conspiracy theories and cyber warfare. As the game evolves, love and friendship will be put to the test all the time. The main storyline presents a unified theory of the New World Order mythology, re-interpreting actual and historical facts through a variety of mind blowing conspiracy theories and subtle black humor jokes. In Hackers Conspiracy you make the story, by choosing the dialog or action to follow, you affect the game's outcome, leading to several different scenarios. If you are fan of “Ghost in the Shell” or “The Matrix”, you will love Hackers Conspiracy!


After a very long recovery time, from a terrible -and supernatural- accident that I had about a year ago, in which I fell from a 10 meters high in free fall, without having any kind of head injury or other broken bones, but only some fractures in the lumbar vertebrae region, that almost leave me paralytic for the rest of my life. I made the decision to not give up, and rather than feel sorry about myself, I opted for fight back and recreate my life, following my real passions: Cinema, Comics and Games. There is no possible way to survive such a fall, without the intervention of a higher power. The experiences that I went through before, during and after the "accident" might blow your mind, we are more than just flesh and bones, a lot more... we are divine beings, powerful souls with physical vessels. Other dimensions, parallel universes, time travel, off planet life... all is real. When I began to work on my cyberpunk story, I wanted to make a Webcomic and then publish a Graphic Novel Compilation after a year or so, I also explored the option of producing an animated Web Series, but unfortunately, very few people are willing to pay for something that is usually offered for free. Dreaming is free, but making it real surely is not! Finally, after a long time researching and deliberating about the best way to tell my Sci-Fi story on a budget, I opted for a Visual Novel. A visual novel is similar to an anime, except a lot longer and definitely more immersive and interactive, to the level that actually you can live in it! Unlike traditional novels or comics, visual novels are interactive. Some have games inside them, and your choices define the story's outcome, causing a variety of different routes for multiple endings, transforming passive readers into active players, that make their own story with their choices, as in real life. In a visual novel, you can produce an immersive universe with compelling characters that evolve by themselves as the game continues. As in a TV Series, you can develop several story arcs and also different characters arcs, the possibilities are endless! Also I felt inspired by the astonishing work that I saw in Visual Novels like Clannad, Invisible Apartment and Muv-Luv. These amazing features convinced me to choose a Visual Novel above everything else.


  • Multiple dialog choices.
  • Different routes to choose.
  • Several bad endings, only one good ending, hard to figure out.
  • Retro Futuristic Soundtrack.
  • Special Sound Effects.


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Gameplay Video YouTube


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Hackers Conspiracy Credits

Paco Gomez
Author, Game Developer.

Pablo Gomez
Game Development Consultant.

Kevin MacLeod

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