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Fran Gomez

Born in Mexico, this veteran of war in cyberspace, declares himself as a huge fan of comics and video games.

With a Master Degree in Creative Writing by the University of Seville, and studies in Script Writing for TV and Web Series by the Michigan State University, he loves to write science fiction.

For more than 4 years, he worked in collaboration with the Cyber Police of the Mexican Federal Government, monitoring and implementing security measures against cyberattack threats from different hacker groups, including Anonymous.

His experiences in the cyberwar field inspired him to write a story about hackers and conspiracies, but it was in the beautiful city of Seville, Spain, where he found the inspiration to create Hack Woman, the first superheroine truly empowered in visual novels, during the Feminist Strike #8M.

Author Fran Gomez, Seville, Spain, 2018.

The writer is like a passionate astronomer, searching for new worlds beyond this one, impossible to reach by distance, fleetingly captive in the reflection of his telescope. So, I like to see writing, like a vast and endless night, where the stories are like little stars, waiting to be found, waiting to be written.

-Fran Gomez, author of Hack Woman.

Fighting the War in Cyberspace #OpIndependencia

In 2011, a coalition formed by Anonymous Mexico and MexicanHackers with support from hacker groups from Latin America, Spain and the United States, attacked several websites of the Mexican government, including the governmental portal that he was in charge of it.

The cyberattack was reported in USA by Hacker News.

The government’s cyber security team gathered inside the data center, a bunker with high biometric security controls, the web servers were sheltered behind a large steel door, like those of the vaults of the banks.

When the cyberattack begun, the defense strategy that he helped to plan, was a resounding success, defeating the Anonymous‘s hacking coalition.

Fighting these wars in the cyberspace inspired him to write his first visual novel: Hack Woman, a science fiction adventure about hackers and conspiracies.

“We are going to shake the government network and its pages.Anonymous México.

We caught the attackers in a mirror house, they never knew that the pages they were attacking were not really the core of the portal.” -Fran Gomez, webmaster of Edomex governmental portal.


Spanish women’s courage and beauty, his inspiration for Hack Woman.

On March 8, 2018, the streets of Seville, Spain were flooded by hundreds of thousands of women dressed with ideals painted in purple, raising their voice for those who can not do it.

Proud of their heritage, the Sevillanas are considered the most beautiful women in Spain, but their beauty doesn’t depend so much on their physical attractiveness, which is undeniable, but on the value of their intelligence, amazing talent and hard work, Seville’s women are sure of themselves, and they are not afraid to raise their voices against oppression and inequality.

It was the beauty and courage of so many hundreds of thousands of women marching together and taking back the streets of the city of his dreams,  what inspired him to create a bold and truly empowered heroine: Hack Woman.

With his beautiful writer friends, Seville, Spain, 2018.

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