About Us

About Us

Founded in 2014 by Fran Gomez (author of Hack Woman), Wit Comics is a publisher of creator-owned graphic novels, visual novel games and motion comics.

That you enjoy of incredible stories with the coolest characters, well-developed story arcs and unique visual aesthetics, is our mission.

We make the kind of stories that catch you from the first page!

As big fans of comic books and graphic novels ourselves, we guarantee you an unforgettable and entertaining reading experience, with exciting adventures in your favorite genres and amazing worlds with fascinating characters.

We love digital!

Our digital editions give you an interactive experience that will amaze you, with high quality graphics, and impressive sound and animation effects.

We want to become a reference point in innovation on digital comics and visual novels, that’s why we are always looking for new ways to surprise our readers, experimenting with hybrid technologies such as augmented reality or the immersive experiences of virtual reality.

Top quality printed editions.

We love comic books as much as you do, for this reason, we take special care of our printed editions, from the art of the covers, to the type of paper and the print quality. All to offer you a product of the best quality.

Original stories.

We are defying the comics industry with provocative titles such as Hack Woman, the first feminist science fiction graphic novel with a truly empowered female protagonist.

The days when comics were a second-rate entertainment medium are in the past, nowadays they are on the same level as novels, video games and movies.

That’s why, we only publish original work by the finest writers and artists!

Your satisfaction means the world to us.

We are not interested in competing against the giants of the industry, but rather to reach our readers directly, to listen what they have to say, and to offer them the kind of stories that they are looking for and deserve.

Be part of the history of our publishing company, and enjoy with us the adventure of conquering the world, one comic at a time!

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