The 10 Best Dogs in Science Fiction Ever

No matter what, the man’s best friend can turn a bad sci-fi show into a good one, an insufferable book slightly more funny and human, space dogs are cute, loyal and smart enough to make science fiction a better genre for all fans.

Here are the 10 best dogs in science fiction ever.

10. Dug (Up)

Dug Up

9. Samantha (I am Legend)

Samantha I am Legend

8. Porthos (Enterprise)

Porthos Enterprise

7. Kazak the Space Hound (The Sirens of Titan, Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut)

6. Muffit (Battlestar Galatica)

5. Seymour (Futurama)

4. K-9 (Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, K-9 And Company)

3. Einstein and Copernicus (Back to the Future)

2. Astro (The Jetsons)


1. Krypto (Superman)