The dream of every Star Wars fan has come true,  during an astronomically long 18-hour unboxing event, Disney unveiled an X-Wing and Millennium Falcon remote-controlled drone.

This Millennium Falcon isn’t a bucket of bolts, though, but instead a more crash-proof quadcopter made of a “high density foam.” That way it can navigate around (and crash into) other drones and even loved ones, without injuries that could turn people to the dark side.

Among tons and tons of awesome gadgets, gizmos and collectibles, the rolling BB-8 was also presented, the BB-8 droid can project holographic video like R2-D2 and perform many cool stuff.

The foam Falcon and X-Wing seem to only be equipped to soar, and recreate whichever space chase you desire.

Enjoy the video of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Unboxing Live Stream Event!

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Francisco Gomez
Escritor y novelista gráfico
Este veterano de la guerra en el ciberespacio, se declara como un apasionado del cómic, los videojuegos y la ciencia ficción. De origen mexicano, le encanta contar historias a través de la narrativa gráfica y las nuevas tecnologías.

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