A giant conglomerate which operates as a major international player in a number of markets; including artificial intelligence and life sciences, as well as top-secret operations utilizing genetic engineering for longevity and development of groundbreaking new technologies for mind control.

The company also has a more benevolent public face for the ignorant masses, offering global Internet connectivity and a wide variety of Web services for free.

Does it sounds familiar, perhaps like Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation?

Larry Page - Google

Last Monday, August 10th, Google’s Co-founder Larry Page announced the creation of “Alphabet“, a new corporation that will comprise Google and other Google-held properties to better allow them to act and grow independently.

Some of the companies that will be under the new Alphabet umbrella include its health businesses projects Life Sciences and Calico (genetics, longevity -even immortality-), along with its X lab efforts  (drones, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism).

With the Google’s annual revenue of  $66 billion, the new Alphabet (Umbrella) Corporation has enough money to overcome the world.

What’s next, t-Virus and the zombie apocalypse?

Let’s hope that Claire Redfield, Alice and Jill Valentine be ready to help us!

Claire Redfield, Alice and Jill Valentine


Claire Redfield, Alice and Jill Valentine in action

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