The World’s Biggest Comic Book Collection – 2015 Guinness World Record

This was my first post ever! Exciting!!!

Can you imagine a life enjoying the most amazing adventures? Fighting supervillians with the coolest gadgets or with your super awesome powers?

Mr. Bob Bretall has lived like that, he is the owner of the largest comic book collection in the entire world!

The proudly 52-year-old man from Mission Viejo, California, now holds the Guinness World Records, with 94,268 unique comics collected over four decades and still growing.

Bob Bretall
Photo Credit: Bob Bretall

He began collecting at 8 years old with 1970’s Amazing Spider-Man #88, and never stopped. Bretall adds more than 140 each month, according to his Facebook page that since the official count on May 1, his treasure has grown by at least 1,000.

Take a look by yourself and enjoy your visit to the fantastic world of the comic book’s biggest fan, congratulations to Mr. Bretall!