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Hack Woman: The Secret Code.

Noir Science Fiction Graphic Novel

The feminist hacker Maria Alder discovers dangerous secrets of the government, that lead her to join a group of cyber mercenaries to protect the world.

Beautifully illustrated in noir style.


An amazing feminist adventure that any women must read!

– Elizabeth Barnes, author of feminist literature

know the Author

Fran Gomez

This veteran of war in cyberspace, declares himself as a huge fan of comics, video games and science fiction.

Born in Mexico, he loves to tell stories through graphic art and new technologies.

For more than 4 years, he worked in collaboration with the Cyber Police of the Mexican Federal Government, monitoring and implementing security measures against cyberattack threats.

In 2011, he faced a massive attack performed by Anonymous, the so called #OpIndependencia.

The defense strategy that he helped to plan, was a resounding success, defeating the attack of the Anonymous‘s hacking coalition.

His experience in the cyber war field inspired him to write a graphic novel about hackers and conspiracies, and to create the first feminist super heroine true empowered in comics.

I see writing as a vast and endless night, where the stories are like little stars, waiting to be found, waiting to be written.”

-Fran Gomez, author of Hack Woman.

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Be the first to read the graphic novel that empowers women as bold heroines!


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