Cyberpunk is coming true, James Young, an amputee gamer receives bionic arm inspired by Metal Gear Solid game!

The instant biological scientist James Young was drawn below a train in London in 2012, he anticipated the worst. His left foot was split, and his left arm later had to be amputated to save his own life.

Four years later, he’s been provided with a new hope thanks to a futuristic-looking prosthetic arm. The $90,000 appliance is a dream come true for any gadget lover, being overloaded with technology and a extremely awesome cyberpunk look.

It was made exclusively for James by Sophie de Oliveira Barata from the Alternative Limb Project and, if you are a gamer, it might look familiar. James, an avid gamer himself , had the design based on Solid Snake’s bionic arm in Metal Gear Solid V. It was made in partnership with Konami, who created the Metal Gear Solid games.

Solid Snake Bionic Arm

Jointly with a group of engineers, roboticists and designers, Barata set up the arm together for James a year ago. Now, the arm is plugged to James, and it features a number of benefits that would certainly make Snake a little bit jealous.

In the wrist of the arm is a smartwatch, something James was incapable to use in the past, when it was on his other arm. The fingers are controllable, and additionally it works as a phone charger due to a USB port, also has a panel on the outside of the shoulder that houses a drone. Yes, a drone that can fly nearby. Amazing!

The arm, which is detachable and can additionally light up in various colors, is controlled by James via commands sent by his shoulder muscles to sensors.

Gamer gets Bionic Arm drone

metal gear solid arm

To reach his goal of having two fully self-sufficient arms once again, James is already looking for funding for a method known as osseointegration, which will essentially involve connecting the bionic arm right into his bone utilizing titanium. You can contribute to James’ cause on his GoFundMe page.

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