The Birth of a Hacker.

When I began to work on the development of the main character for Hack Woman, I just had a name and something about her past: Maria was a camgirl.

This was the starting point to write a character that in time, became more complex and compelling.

Main Character Background:

Burdened with debts, and with an alcoholic and sexist stepfather, Maria was forced to become a camgirl in order to survive.

-Fran Gomez, Hack Woman: The Secret Code.
Character Background Map
Character Background Map (spanish)

The journey to discover who is Maria Alder, and how she became the most wanted hacker by the FBI, is about to begin!

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Fran Gomez
Wit Comics Founder and Graphic Novelist
Veteran of war in cyberspace, declares himself as a huge fan of comics, video games and science fiction. Author of Hack Woman.
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