The first Female Character of the awesome Hackers Conspiracy Anime Visual Novel is Miss Candy Summers, a TV News Host of the most popular TV News Broadcast and a renowned personality in the world of Research Journalism.

Candy Summers News

Miss Candy Summers on Set, Proof of Concept.

Candy News

Miss Candy Summers on Set, Proof of Concept.

One of the main ingredients of the Visual Novel Storyline is a TV News Show, because of the Retro Futuristic Visual Concept, The Development Team started to research visual references of News Broadcasts from the 80’s.

action news 1980

eighties news minute

80s newsround thursday

1984 News Headlines

TV News Broadcast Artwork

This is the final Artwork based on real 80’s TV News Broadcasts:

Female TV News Host Candy Summers

Miss Candy Summers, TV News Host.

News Background

Retro 80’s TV News Broadcast Background

TV News Boadcast Logo

TV News Broadcast Retro Futuristic Logo

The final Retro Futuristic Look, with some cool TV scan lines and video tape glitch effect.

Retro Futuristic TV News Broadcast - FOXY News

80’s Retro Futuristic TV News Broadcast with Miss Candy Summers.

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