April 11, 2016
New Visual Novel

Kick-off of Hackers Conspiracy War Visual Novel from the Video Gaming Production Company Revenge War Games

March 15, 2016
harrison ford indiana jones 5

There is only going to be one actor playing Indiana Jones and that’s Harrison Ford, at this point it’s official: Indiana Jones 5 is formally a go with…

March 14, 2016
Batman V Superman Who will win the fight

There is a lot of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice enthusiasm. As a comic book fan myself, justice is making its fantastic time dawning. Who will win…

March 10, 2016
Spider-Man Unleashed Civil War

Spider-Man Civil War appearance is confirmed! Disney and Marvel have just released a fresh out of the box new trailer for Captain America: Civil War

March 9, 2016
Supergirl Flash Crossover on TV

First official glimpse at the Supergirl Flash Crossover is here, CBS has uncovered some insights about the long awaited episode between the superheroes…

March 6, 2016
Disney Princesses Reimagined as Jedi Warriors

Mashups of most popular franchises are always welcome. When Disney Princesses reimagined as Jedi Warriors by Graphic Artist Phill Berry, I decided to take a look, and the outcomes are entirely amazing.

February 29, 2016
Happy Birthday Superman Best Super Heroe Ever

Today is the working day Superman’s birthday is accepted. For a long time, Superman’s birthdate have already been adjustable in the comics, however the most consistently-applied birthday for Superman is February 29. Clark Kent, meanwhile, will commemorate his birthday on June 18, the time the Kents found the rocket. Join the Super Party!

February 27, 2016
Best Visual Effects Oscars 2016

Robots, martians, bears and even stormtroopers among the nominees for 2016 Best Visual Effects Academy Awards, which is your favorite?

February 26, 2016
Best Animated Feature Films Oscars 2016

The Best Animated Feature Films Nominees for the 2016 Academy Awards are just awesome. From CGI blockbusters to stop motion and traditional animation.

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